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contest rules


Selecting a logo and tourism slogan for Con Dao island with high generality, ensuring the aesthetics and specificity. Official use in promotion and tourism activities, create a unique brand for Con Dao tourism.

Building a brand identity of Con Dao Island, bringing the image of Con Dao tourism to a professional, impressive and attractive appearance for domestic and international tourists.


1. Contestants:

  • Agencies, organizations, groups, and individual (Vietnamese / Foreigner).

  • Each organization or individual participating can submit an unlimited number of entries. Entries must be attached with the idea description.

  • The Organizer is not responsible for loss of entries due to technical errors.

  • Members of the Organizing Committee, the Jury and the Secretariat, of this contest are not allowed to participate in the contest.

2. Application include:

  • Application form: Register

  • Brief introduction of the individual, group or legal entity participating in the contest (max 200 words)

  • Design layout (see details section III/1).

  • Description of design ideas, no more than 300 words

  • Additional documents are required if, after the preliminary assessment, they are selected for the final round.

  • Languages used in the profile and product descriptions should be in Vietnamese or English (for international candidates).


1. For the logo design:

  • Easy to identify, create emotions, aesthetically pleasing, impress the public, and convenient for printing, enlarging, reducing, embossing, and processing on all materials.

  • Contest logos do not violate the customs of Vietnam, do not copy or duplicate any images, symbols should have no copyright infringement.

  • The entry logo must be the work that has not been published in any mass media; never participated in any competitions at home and abroad.

  • The board explaining the ideas and meanings of the Logo up to 300 word

Requirements for design submit:

  • Entries must be provided in the form of a high resolution JPEG, PNG or PDF file (at least 300 pixels) with a file size of no more than 10 MB.

  • The design must include the words "CON DAO" in the design.

  • Designs can include images, text, or a combination of both, but all elements of the logo template must appear as 15x15cm and 2x2cm miniature sizes.

  • Designs can be presented in any form, drawn traditionally via pencils, crayons, markers, paints or can be drawn digitally via computers

  • The design should be simple, not overly detailed, and all elements should be legible when copied, expressed in smaller sizes.

  • The design must be presented in two forms: color and black & white

2. For the contest to write ideas for tourism slogans:

  • The content of the slogan is short, easy to remember, impressive and easy to identify.

  • Shows the orientation and strengths of the potential and unique characteristics of Con Dao.

  • Expressed in either two languages: Vietnamese or English (for foreigners).

  • The description of concepts and meaning of the slogan: maximum of 300 words.


3. Note:

Candidates selected by the Organizing Committee to enter the Final Round will be notified to submit the following additional documents:

  • Original design file (AI, Photoshop or Corel file).

  • Instructions of technical items for logo design: color code, font, other indicators according to specifications.

  • Additional design for the logo, combine with the selected slogan.

  • A written commitment to copyright for the submitted work download sample file.




  • Express to green, sustainable and friendly tourism.

  • Showing the unique and characteristic features of forests, mountains, seas, islands...

  • Achieving high design requirements such as: aesthetics, art, easy to remember, recognizable, impressive, in line with modern trends, integration


  • The Jury Board includes 9 representatives who will evaluate and select the winning entry.

  • Entries will be judged based on the criteria of aesthetics, originality, compliance with contest rules, design quality and ease of use in media, propaganda, print, advertising, online, etc.

  • The decision of the Jury will be final.

  • View the Jury board



1. For Logo Design:

  • 01 first prize:    

Cash worth of 70,000,000 VND/prize (Seventy million VND).

Certificate of District People's Committee.

Certificate of Design Association of Ho Chi Minh City


  • 02 consolation prizes:    

Cash worth of 10,000,000 VND/prize (Ten million VND)

Certificate of District People's Committee.

Certificate of Design Association of Ho Chi Minh City

2. For write ideas for tourism slogans:

01 first prize, cash worth of 20,000,000 VND/prize.

02 consolation prizes, cash worth of 3,000,000 VND/prize each.


  • The People's Committee of Con Dao district will hold a public award ceremony in Con Dao district. The prize money for the first prize will be awarded directly to the contestant with the winning product or to the person authorized to receive the prize by the author with the winning product.

  • The Organizing Committee will issue a detailed document stipulating the level of support for travel, food and accommodation expenses to the authors whose works won the first prize to attend the award ceremony.

  • If the winning author is an overseas Vietnamese or a foreigner (currently not living in Vietnam), they will be sponsored a 3-night hotel stay at Con Dao if they wish to fly to attend the Award Ceremony, the airfare will be paid by themselves.


3. In case the selected Logo and Slogan do not have the same author/group of authors:

The Competition Organizing Committee will decide to combine Logo and Slogan together to create valuable works for the development of Con Dao tourism.



1. Copyright of works:

  • Contestants are responsible for the copyright of the Logo design, Slogan sentence and personal income tax.

  • In case, the copyright dispute arises after the contest product wins the prize, the contestant must take full responsibility before the law and related organizations and individuals.

  • All costs related to the prize made in accordance with the provisions of the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will be borne by the winning organization or individual.


2. Regulations on ownership of the winning works:

  • Con Dao District People's Committee has full ownership of the copyright to use indefinitely as well as the right to register intellectual property for the winning Logos and Slogans for the purposes of the District.


1.  Competition results:

Announced on our Con Dao site: and some official media channels.

2.  Instructions & support:

  • Department of Culture and Information of Con Dao district

  • Phone: (0254) 3830140.

  • E.mail: .

  • For any questions about the Contest, please contact Mr: Huynh Van Hung, phone (84) 918429739.

  • Or Hotline of VDAS Design Association: 0867451671

3.  Cancellation of contest:

Entrants must notify the Organizer by sending an email to or by post to the address: The Competition Organizing Committee at the address above before the deadline for submitting their entries. Organizing Committee 07 days. The Organizing Committee will reply to the candidate by email or official text to confirm after receiving information about the candidate's application for withdrawal.

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