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Natural and cultural materials help YC Interior & Consultant Design "win big" at VMark 2019

On May 17, 2019, Vmark Interior Design Awards took place in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. At the event, YC Interior & Consultant Design won the Gold Award in three important categories: the prestigious Hotel Design Award with the Silk Path Grand resort & spa; F&B design award with Ngon Asian House Restaurant and Housing Design award with Tiffany Topaz Villa Ecopark.

Nhà thiết kế KTS. Naomi Thủy Nguyễn – đạ

Silk Path Grand resort & spa is considered as one of the most beautiful resorts in Sapa. This town has a romantic, quiet beauty with a scent spreading through terraced fields, high mountains, hills ... at the same time, there still exists its own identity in each pattern on Earth. Manual weaving of ethnic minorities such as Red Dao or H'Mong.

YC Interior & Consultant Design has skillfully incorporated these natural and cultural values into the hotel space. Natural materials such as stones, litchi, mountains ... are all calculated using harmoniously from the main lobby to the rooms.


European and Asian restaurants with indigenous nuances make up the story of Dao and H’Mong culture


One of the "Duplex" special rooms featured in the Red Dao nuances

YC Interior & Consultant Design has selected and blended specific materials for the cultures of countries to create a very clear space, separate from the region but still harmonious in the overall scene. This creates proximity for generations, when the language of colors and graphics work together, supporting the customers' rich culinary experience.


The cozy, luxurious and harmonious design of YC Interior & Consultant Design

The common point of the works from YC Interior & Consultant Design is to create interesting interactive experiences for customers when each space has a story about nature, people and local culture. The modern and firm designs based on the culture, national identity as well as ensuring practical functions for product beneficiaries have helped the company achieve impressive results at VMark 2019.


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