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The 'multicultural' office from Solid Interior won the 2019 Vmark gold award

With the idea of the room into a meeting place for cultures, Solid Interior's design won a gold award at the Vmark Interior Design Awards.

At the awards ceremony held on the evening of 17/5, the Yola headquarters by Solid Interior won a gold award in the Workspace Design category.


Solid Interior received the award at VMark 2019

In the reception hall, Solid Interior uses the image of a conical hat and wind-brick brick wall - a cultural symbol, with the intention that every individual who comes out of the world is proud of Vietnamese identity.

The office is designed into two areas: rest, office. Recreational area for the reading, relaxing, inspired design of a dynamic Asia, typically Singapore. Meanwhile, the kitchen area has the colors, patterns like the culture of the Aboriginal people, primitive and liberal.


Office entrance with Vietnamese traditional inspired design.


Recreational area with simple textures and materials creates a sense of liberal, relaxed but full of energy.

With the message "Inspiring your space", Solid Interior strives to bring a good spatial experience with core design ideas, consistent with the brand spirit. The company contributes to turning the workspace into an inspiring place to devote creativity to every employee.

Vietnam Interior Design Week - VMark 2019 is an activity organized by the Vietnam Design Association, with the goal of developing and nurturing Vietnam's creative and design industry through community-connected activities. copper. The week of taking the theme "Creative Aspirations - Originating creativity" desires to inspire, laying the foundation for the annual development of future events. The event was supported by two brands, Okamura and Saint Gobain, also many prestigious names in construction and design industry.

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