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Two TTID housing designs won awards at VMark 2019.

The company's innovative, green, modern housing project won gold and silver awards in the community sector award category.

On 17/5, at the VMark Interior Design Award Ceremony, in the category of The best of Public Design (Community area award), 2 works of TTID won Gold award for Eco-Green Saigon design in District 7, the award Silver for housing design of River Panorama in District 7. The project represents the design thinking of modern buildings, ensuring the functionality but still towards nature, appreciating the human experience of life.


TTID received the award at the VMark Awards 2019

With the idea of true green space, when implementing the Eco-Green Saigon project in District 7, TTID took the key material for the design of water streams. A  large water surface, intersecting nature, greenery are arranged in the park.The flexibility in the drawing is represented by round cubes, feng shui images of prosperity and good luck for residents. When combined with colors, lighting creates impressive, friendly and convenient spaces for business and entertainment activities.

Along with the above work, River Panorama District 7 has an impressive green design, inspired by the cult film Avartar by legendary director James Cameron. TTID proposed a plan to design links, connecting the green spaces, facades to each apartment's interior.

Không gian ấn tượng do TTID thiết kế.

Space is full of trees at River Panorama in District 7.​

From the outer hall to each apartment, there is pristine nature, full of life. TTID representative said that the project owner, the design unit wants to give green living space to customers.

Vmark Interior Design Award 2019 was founded and organized by the Vietnam Design Association, operating within the framework of the Vietnam Interior Design Week - Vmark Interior Design Week 2019.

Vmark Interior Design Week 2019 includes a series of exhibitions, talks and awards. The event aims to introduce and honor unique and creative designs imbued with Vietnamese identity, with the expectation to promote the development of the creative industry. The event took place in Ho Chi Minh City attracting a great deal of attention from domestic and foreign designers.

Một không gian đầy cây xanh tại River Pa

     Space is full of trees at River Panorama in District 7.

TTID Design and Construction Joint Stock Company, established in 2015, has developed in the field of interior design and construction. Projects from high-class apartment apartments to offices, restaurants, and 5-star hotels all have their own distinctive mark

TTID has a young, creative, dynamic, hard-working and design team of designers and executives, bringing customers beautiful projects and optimal design solutions. The company hopes to become a leading unit in interior design and construction in Vietnam.

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