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Office design inspired by the university had won the Golden VMARK 2019

On May 17, 2019, Vmark Interior Design Awards Ceremony took place in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. At the event, 3M office design of ADP Architects won the Gold Award for The best Workplace Design - the Best Workspace award.

Vmark Interior Design Award 2019 was held to honor the impressive and creative works and interior designs in Vietnam, within the framework of Vietnam Interior Design Week 2019 (Vmark Interior Design Week 2019 ) takes place May 17-20.


The idea of "Green University Campus" is the solution that ADP brings to customers. Through innovative design, combining natural materials and a combination of open spaces in a variety of forms, ADP contributes to increasing the workplace experience for customers. The design encourages employees to interact, increase creativity, and support development together for all employees at 3M. This idea has helped ADP Architects' work win convincingly at VMark 2019.

thiết kế văn phòng 3M của ADP Architects

As a leading designer in catching up with the trend of new workspaces around the world, ADP has succeeded in helping a lot of businesses create inspiring offices that assist in attracting talent. , balancing work and life thereby increasing efficiency for the business. 3M office with The Best Workplace Design 2019 award, instead of affirming the serious investment of gray matter for each ADP office product.


The Vmark 2019 Interior Design Award is expected to bring new developments, resources as well as opportunities for cooperation for businesses in the same field. This award is rated as a prestigious, creative and inspiring playground for Vietnamese interior designers and project designers. The event received valuable support and companionship from two brands, Okamura and Saint Gobain, and many other prestigious names in the construction and design industry.

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