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Pho Da Nang  - Gold award Vietnam Interior Design

On May 17, 2019, at the VMark Interior Design Award Ceremony, the Danang Seafood restaurant won the Gold Design Award.

Da Nang Seafood restaurant is designed with a glass wall system, which can open up to 100%, blurring the gap between the restaurant and the outside. From that creates a relaxed experience for customers, when from any position feel the breath of the sea.


Hexagon representatives received the Green Design Award at VMark 2019

The advantage of design and material creating momentum for Da Nang Restaurant has a unique lighting solution. With the system of changing lights at each end of the aluminum, plus overhead, daytime lighting, the restaurant harmonizes with My Khe beach and Da Nang street, you can stand from the store to see the sea. At night, the interior works with LED light-emitting thousands of square ends, changing color like coral reefs in the sea, becoming a highlight, a symbol of the landscape here.


Street Food Restaurant at night The organizers highly appreciated the idea from the project implementation plan, turning an old bar into a work that stood out and interacted with the most livable city landscape in Vietnam. 

Vmark Interior Design Week 2019 includes a range of exhibitions, talks and awards. The event aims to introduce and honor unique and creative designs imbued with Vietnamese identity, with the expectation of promoting this potential creative industry, elevating domestic architecture to the level of works and awards. international.


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