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Awards and Honors
  • The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize, valuable products, and recognition as the designer of Goddess of Love.

  • The design will be used for construction to create the final statue, which will be placed at the designated location in The Valley of Love as a symbol of love and beauty for everyone to enjoy.

  • The prestigious award is internationally recognized and evaluated by a panel of reputable judges, including experts from national and international design organizations and associations. 

  • The certificate with the signature of the TTC  corporation’s leadership and a representative from the Vietnam Design Association (VDAS).

  • Cash prize and valuable products from the organizers include:



  • 400,000,000 VND in cash 

  • TTC Hospitality voucher with a value of 50,000,000 VND. 


   CREATIVITY PRIZE (5 prizes): 

  • 10,000,000VND in cash / prize

  • 10,000,000VND voucher / prize and TTC Hospitality voucher. 


  • The award ceremony will be held at The Valley of Love - Dalat, where the future construction of a statue is planned. Winning contestants who are domestic participants attending the ceremony will receive support from the Vietnam Design Association, HCMC (VDAS) for 50% of their airfare, transportation, and accommodation expenses. For international contestants, they will have to cover their own airfare costs to Vietnam, while the organizing committee will provide assistance with transportation and accommodation expenses.


  • In particular, the top 20 award-winning design projects will be showcased at the exhibition hall of the Vietnam Design Week 2023 event and honored at the VMARK Awards Gala Ceremony on October 2023.

  • Individuals and organizations that win awards will be responsible for declaring, explaining, and fulfilling the income tax obligations related to the prize in accordance with the regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The organizer will only be responsible for the transfer fee.

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