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Rules of competition
Entrants and Eligibility
  • The competition is open to all artists, architects, and designers (both professional and amateur) from both domestic and international locations, aged 18 and above, regardless of their education level, location, gender, or nationality… 

  • Candidates can participate in multiple entries, with no limit on the number of works submitted. 

  • The members of the Organizing Committee, Jury Panel, and Secretariat are not allowed to participate in the competition.

  • After submitting their works, candidates will receive a confirmation email, and the entries will be forwarded to the judging panel.

  • If the work belongs to a group, candidates must submit an authorization letter for the authorized representative who is responsible for the work.

  • The selected works that have not met the requirements, the Organizing Committee has the right to propose adjustments/supplements for suitability and the candidates have the right to refuse to make adjustments/supplements, which is equivalent to withdrawing from the competition.

  • Start receiving entries: March 10, 2023 

  • Register link

  • Deadline for entries:Jun 05, 2023

  • Announcement of Top 20: Jun 15, 2023

  • Awards ceremony to announce the results and award prizes: Jun 29, 2023

Request for submissions
  • Show creativity, artistry, and a strong romantic touch according to the criteria of the competition.

  • Suitable for the overall space and natural landscape of the project.

  • A feasible idea, easy to construct and install if the award-winning design is chosen.

  • The materials used to construct the future award-winning artwork will not be limited, ensuring reasonable cost, available domestically, and durable over time (such as stone, concrete, metal...)

  • Unique lighting arrangement that is harmonious even at night.

  • Contestants must register with the Organizer in advance within the prescribed time to gauge the level of interest, and submit their entries later.

  • Encourage designing the surrounding landscape of the statue (bonus points for the contest)

Submission method

When submitting the competition entry, will include the following 3 items:


1. Profile & Portfolio:

  • Individual: summarize personal information, portfolio, ...

  • Studio & Enterprise: briefly introduce information, website, completed projects, scale ...

  • If participating in a group, please supplement a Letter of Authorization to introduce 1 representative."

2. Project description, design completion process (pdf / ppt / doc file)

3. Design files:

  • Design drawing of the area where the artwork will be placed (not necessarily showing the entire tourism project), including: layout, location arrangement plan and vertical showing with the height.

  • The artwork should be presented from different angles, with at least 5 different viewings. The concept is submitted and raised in any form according to the contestant's strengths. It can be presented with a pencil, colored pen, ink pen, paint, computer graphics, or model sculpture.... If hand-drawn or model sculptures are used, they must be photographed and converted to image files. The maximum file size for submitted images is 2MB/file (jpg/png/bmp).

  • 3D rendering files and 360-degree video clips are encouraged to be submitted

Please notes: 

If selected for the Final Round, contestants will be notified to submit the following additional documents:

  • Original design files (3Dmax, SketchUp & ACad files...)

  • High-quality photos to support media, promotional, enlargement, and printing work…

  • A written commitment regarding the author's rights to the submitted artwork.

  • Registration deadline for the competition is 30/4/2023 via the following link: Registration link

  • (P/S: Submission link will be sent after the contestant completes the registration process)

Jury Board
  • The Jury Board consists of 17 representatives from the Organizations, International Design Association, and top reputable experts in the industry... They will evaluate and select the winning entries.

  • The entries will be judged based on criteria of aesthetics, artistic value, design quality, compliance with the competition rules, feasibility, and ease of construction and installation.

  • The decision of the jury panel will be final. Jury’s Information

 Judging criteria

Outstanding design ideas will be evaluated based on the following four criteria:

  • Demonstrating high artistic and aesthetic values, uniqueness, and originality without duplicating existing ideas worldwide (50% of the total score).

  • Showing creativity, intelligent spatial solutions, and meeting all requirements without any limitations (20% of the total score).

  • Harmonizing and integrating with the overall space, natural landscape, and practical construction feasibility (20% of the total score).

  • Compliance with competition regulations and design quality (10% of the total score).

Copyright and Ownership of the Award-winning work.
  • The submitted work must be the creation of the author, not previously entered or published in other competitions, and not subject to copyright, trademark, or other disputes.

  • The artworks must ensure intellectual property rights and plagiarism is not accepted.

  • The organizer is not responsible for any copyright or dispute issues.

  • For the winning entries, participants agree to grant the Competition Organizer exclusive rights to use the work, copyright-free, irrevocably, and permanently to use, copy, modify, create derivative works from, publish and distribute on any media for any purposes, without payment of any royalty.

  • The Organizer has full authority to use images, video clips, information of the entries and authors for communication activities, publications, and related documents of the program and activities of the Organizer without permission or payment of any other fees.

  • For entries that do not win any awards, the copyright of each entry still belongs to the entrant. The entrant will grant permission to use the work when there is a need, and the terms of use and copyright fees will depend on the agreement between the parties when they want to use the work.

  • In the event of a copyright dispute arising after the award-winning entry has been submitted, the entrant will be fully responsible to the law and relevant organizations and individuals.

  • The prize for an invalid entry (if any) will be revoked if fraud or copyright infringement is detected.

  • The competition provides a unique opportunity for artists, architects, and designers to collaborate and create a masterpiece that celebrates the love and natural beauty of The Valley of Love.

  • We believe that this competition will contribute to the development of the culture and tourism of The Valley of Love and will be a platform for artists to showcase their talent and creativity.

Support Team

During the competition, if there are any questions regarding the rules, regulations, or require assistance, please contact us using the following information:

VMARK Vietnam Design Award

Vietnam Design Association, HCMC (VDAS)

Contest content
  • Contestants actively choose the location, space, height, form of expression... to design according to their own ideas based on the overall designated area, ensuring that the selected space and location are suitable and harmonious with the landscape and terrain

  • The submitted artwork accurately reflects the theme of love, and can be a single statue, couple, or a group of statues... The form of expression is symbolic (round statues, stylized cubic statues, sculptures, reliefs...), and can be combined with light/materials/water spray... to ensure that the artwork is perfect from every viewing angle.

  • In addition, the submitted artwork does not necessarily have to be a fixed block shape, it can move/change over time and space, such as the four-season weather characteristics of Dalat during the day - or the content can be richly varied as in the love between a couple…

  • Depending on their expertise, abilities, and strengths, contestants can participate in the design competition for just the statue block or include the pedestal or even the surrounding landscape and architecture elements around the statue block (to support decoration for the statue block, not including the area of the entire project).

  • To be suitable for the location of the statue on a high hilltop and for viewing from a distance, contestants should note that the submitted artwork needs to have a large size and a corresponding height to the landscape (Dimension limit of the height: min 50m - max 100m)

  • Location of the artwork: a small piece of land jutting out into the surface of Da Thien Lake.

  • Refer to the overall context of the location, its characteristics, and topography where the statue will be placed. Reference

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