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Purpose & Topic

In the realm of art and popular culture, the image of a woman is often portrayed as gentle and emotional. Thus, the tenderness of love is often personified through the embodiment of goddesses.


In the face of the many changes in the flow of time, the image of the goddess not only tells stories of couples, but also conveys many different aspects of love.


Inspired by such a source of inspiration, the Global Monument Design Competition "Goddess of Love" aims to infuse the image of the goddess with a meaningful message of love through the creative perspectives of designers. Additionally, this competition endeavors to enhance the scenic beauty of the Love Valley with an inspiring masterpiece of art. 

The  purpose of the competition:

  • The competition aims to gather and provide an opportunity for artists, architects, and designers from all over the world to honor eternal love and beauty through their creativity and artistic passion.

  • Innovation and creativity in design ideas are highly encouraged, including groundbreaking and innovative approaches.

  • Promote the image of The Valley of Love in particular and the dreamy Dalat city in general becoming an attractive cultural and tourist destination, alongside famous domestic and international landscapes.

  • Raising awareness of the importance of preserving the natural beauty, cultural identity, and most iconic landmarks in the misty land of Da Lat.

  • Promote the brand image of The Valley of Love Tourist Area to both domestic and international tourists.

  • Create more unique wonders bearing Vietnam's mark on the world tourist map.

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