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  • The first issue is estimated to launch in January 2023.

  • ISBN number issue progressing, will apply from issue 2nd (if the procedure is completed early, will apply to the first issue)

  • The publication consists of 150 pages, printed in color on high quality Italian art paper, size 20x30cm

  • Issue 3 issues/year.

  • Priority is given to Design University Libraries, Lecturers, Related Enterprises, Design Studio & Designers and VDAS Members

  • If you have any questions or need to discuss, please contact the representative of the Editorial Board, Mrs. Thu Trang 0915.620677

Deadline submission 30/10/2022

To become one of the first authors of top one magazine 

Vietnam Design Magazine was born with the principal purpose of becoming a voice of “The Vietnam Design community reaching out to the world”, contributing to fulfill the role of the Vietnam Design Association - VDAS as a professional organization gathering numerous creative designers across the country.


Vietnam Design Magazine hopes to carry out a mission of connecting designers, design technology as well as design culture (including areas: Interior design | Architecture | Furniture & Decoration | Product styling | Fashion | Graphics, and other creative fields); contribute to raising the awareness and work ethics; Affirming the values ​​of knowledge and humanity in creative design. It is a motivation to drive force for the generation of young designer students to improve their skills and qualifications. Therefore, integrating into the common development of Design in Vietnam and the region.

Four focus areas will be prioritized by the magazine: 

  1. Design education: including articles, scientific research, new conceptual design projects, etc.

  2. Design practice: projects that have actually been implemented or are in the process of being completed. 

  3. Design production: production, materials, and new technologies are being applied in factories and enterprises.

  4. Design trends: contemporary trends in design, culture, and people in the application of design signals in the world.

Design Vietnam magazine is very eager to receive the contribution of content, and relevant articles from the community of Designers across the country, Universities with specialized training in applied art design, and technology; Scientific and creative researchers; Articles from Art Theoreticians / Designers / Architects / Enterprises specializing in design and production across the country. We are also ready to publish specialized studies and presentations from home and abroad.

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(Note: selected articles will have royalties or quality gifts)

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