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Learn how to apply AI in design with Entrepreneur Richdad Loc

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

In order for students to better understand the outstanding strengths from the application of AI, on March 24, the VDAS Design Association and the Vietnam Association of Civil Engineers VSCE collaborated with the Faculty of Architecture - Fine Arts, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) organized a talkshow "Application of AI in the fields of Design", attracting the attention and participation of a large number of students and industry experts.

Taking on the role of speaker of the program is Mr. Dinh Van Loc (Richdad Loc) - Chairman of Onnet Group, who inspires many young people today. Attending were representatives of the Design Association (VDAS): Mr. Ho Tan Duong - President, Dr. Ngo Thi Thu Trang - Vice President; Representative of Vietnam Association of Civil Engineers VSCE: MSc. Dinh Viet Duy - Vice Chairman of the Association, General Director of Trading Construction Joint Stock Company 2; Mr. Pham Canh Dong - Member of the Executive Committee, General Director of Nova E&C Joint Stock Company; Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuan - Member of BCH, Founding Chairman of Goosh Education Company; Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien - Member of the Executive Committee, General Secretary of the Association.

ại diện HUTECH tại chương trình

Mr. Ho Tan Duong - VDAS representative also said: "Don't worry too much about the term AI application in the fields of Architecture and Fine Arts, because this is a very normal transition and the common direction of the company. all professions in the technology race. You can completely use AI to support your learning work more gently and save time. At the same time, when you know how to use AI applications in studying and working, you will not run out of creative ideas, because AI will help you get the best products from the background material you provide. grant".

Messages from Mr. Ho Tan Duong about using AI applications in design

AI, ChatGPT,… - if you don't keep up with the pace of technology, you will be left behind

At the beginning of the talkshow, Mr. Richdad Loc introduced to students about applications and software created by artificial intelligence technology such as AI Art Generation Mid Journey, Adobe Firefly, AI Showcase. Accordingly, the strengths and values of these tools are pointed out to help students grasp new technology trends and know how to take advantage of them in the fields of Architecture and Fine Arts.

Within the framework of the program, the speaker also took time to share with students about the benefits of GPT chat application - the focus of AI technology in recent years. With this application, students can make reports, research papers, harvest articles for subjects including subjects related to the field of Architecture, Fine Arts.

Speaker Richdad Loc also did not forget to emphasize that the use of AI technology in learning and working is very necessary in the current context, because if you do not keep up with the pace of technology, you will be completely lost. lagging and certainly not being able to develop themselves. However, in order to make the best use of AI in the field of Architecture - Fine Arts, students need to train themselves with a solid foundation of specialized knowledge, experience in evaluating and adjusting design products. . Besides, grasping technology also requires you to be dynamic, knowledgeable about information technology, proficient in the use of necessary AI applications. Thus, to be able to best exploit the advantages of applying AI, learners need to have a good expertise and a certain experience in analytical evaluation.


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