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The game is also introduced with new multiplayer features: the new Versus and Ranked Team Deathmatch modes and the new fast-paced Team King of the Hill mode. The game's map editor is also reworked and revamped. The storyline focuses around the coronation of King Artanis and the corruption that takes place within the Chrominium faction as they prepare for war. It also features four new hero characters: the Arbiter, the Princess Cadance, the Queen Marth and the Chaos Knight. Other features include a brand new multiplayer mode, the Blitz, a new gallery mode, the Hero's Gallery, and a new Map Editor. Heroes can now also be renamed and equipped with the Skill Line. The map editor received a major overhaul, and allows players to change any aspect of the map, including properties of the terrain, visible units and the amount of time the map lasts. Campaigns Artanis' Campaign is a new campaign mode that brings the storyline of the Frozen Throne to a new level. The campaign is made up of four missions. The first mission, "The Northern Road", takes place in the homeland of the humans, where a rebellion is brewing in the north. Artanis has to ensure the unity of the human kingdom, which is being threatened by a new human-sentient race called the Varukers. The second mission, "The Rebel Tribes", is based in the kingdom of the elves, where a rebellion is brewing against Artanis and his rule. The third mission, "The Forgotten War", takes place in the capital of Chrominius, where the Chrominium faction is preparing for war. The final mission, "In the Skies", takes place on Galtrev, where one of the Chrominium rebels, Jadus, plans to assassinate the king. Each mission takes place in a different location: the Northern Road in the town of Wyndmere, the Rebel Tribes in the city of Wyveria, the Forgotten War in the ancient ruins of Bylgia and the Skies over the frozen continent. Each mission contains a quest that requires players to complete certain tasks to progress through the campaign. The fourth mission, "Epilogue", is a pre-made scenario that can be played upon completion of all campaigns. Arcanis Campaign The Arcanis campaign is a new campaign mode that brings a host of new features to the game, including four new campaigns that take you across the frozen continent . The campaign is




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Download Crack Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne 126 lyntbel

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