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Cravenhill Publishing and Vietnam Design Association (VDAS) are excited to announce a supporting partnership between the two organizations in order to bring effective solutions to brand development strategies and honor the reputation of designers and businesses in Vietnam. This is one of the international partnerships of VDAS to help the Vietnamese design industry go global.

Coming from London, UK, Transform magazine from Cravenhill Publishing is known as the only global magazine for rebranding and brand development focusing on corporate and brand communications.

With the initiative of the Transform Awards, which recognize best practices in corporate, product, and global brand development work, with categories that focus on strategy, execution, content, and evaluation. Celebrated in six regions across the world such as London, Dubai, New York, Shanghai, Stockholm, and Sydney, this is a platform for organizations to tell their brand development and rebrand stories and to discuss reputational change. Companies and agencies entering the Transform Awards have their work benchmarked against their peers to stand out amongst their competitors. The awards reward excellence across the whole brand development process.

The partnership between VDAS & Cravenhill will become a connecting bridge to support, expand and develop the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards and Transform Awards Asia so that corporate brands in Vietnam can develop their brand value globally.

Details about Transform Magazine can be found at:

For more information about the Transform Asia Awards, find out at:

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