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Logo Design Contest and Tourism Slogan for Con Dao Island

About Condao Island

History brief


According to archaeological results, researchers believe that Con Dao has had the presence of humans since prehistoric times through artifacts and artifacts, which were identified in the middle of the early Metal Age and has a close relationship with pottery relics of the early Sa Huynh period in the South Central and Southeast regions.

Prior to During the French colonial period, Con Dao belonged to the province Ha Tien, then changed to Vinh Long province.

On May 1882President of France Jules Grevy signed a decree recognizing the Kunlun Islands as a district of Nam ky . On January 15, 1977 , the second session, the 6th National Assembly, issued a Resolution to change the name of Con Dao to Con Dao district of Hau Giang province.

On May 30 , 1979, the 6th National Congress, the 5th session, issued a Resolution to establish the Vung Tau - Con Dao Special Zone, and Con Dao to become a district of the Vung Tau - Con Dao Special Zone.

​On August 121991, the 8th National Congress, the 9th session issued a Resolution establishing Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Con Dao became a district of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province until now. Con Dao district is a one-level government, there is no district, no ward or township level...The current population app 12,000 people.

​Con Dao historical site

Revolutionary historical relic area of Con Dao prison, in Con Dao district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province (with a population of 20 monuments). In 1861, the French colonialists occupied Con Dao and established a prison system in 1862, since then, Con Dao has become "Hell on Earth" for 113 years (1862-1975). Historically, the French colonialists and the American nation built 08 large prisons and 02 isolated areas (Isolated French Tiger Cage and Isolated Cow Cage), including 117 large and small cells, 44 cells, 504 cells "isolated tiger cage" and 18 prison departments.

In 1979, Con Dao historical relic site was specially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) as a particularly important national relic site, with 17 relics. ingredient.

On May 10, 2012, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 548/QD-TTg ranking Con Dao prison relic as a special national relic with 20 relic sites.

Con Dao is an island district in the southeast of the country, in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, 179 km from Vung Tau city, 230 km from Ho Chi Minh city, and from Tran De port, province. Soc Trang is about 90 km.

Con Dao is an archipelago of 16 islands, with a natural area (the mainland) about 76km2, of which the largest island is Con Son, an area of about 52km2 is the economic - political - cultural - social center. of the district.

Con Dao is an ancient land, with recent archaeological discoveries, the first class of inhabitants appeared in Con Dao from 4000-5000 years ago. That class of residents has a close cultural relationship with the owners of archaeological sites belonging to the Late Brass and Iron Ages in the Dong Nai River basin. With two types of sites "Con - Bau" and "Island type" site on the sand dunes near the freshwater lake facing the sea, such as the residence relics in Hang Duong, So Tieu, Con An Hai, Ben Dam , Hon Cau, Con Mieu Ba or the remains of Con Hai Dang tomb ... show the residence and culture of the first owner on this archipelago in the Prehistoric - Ancient History period.

Oriented Vision

Basing on Decision 870/QD-TTg dated June 17, 2015 of the Prime Minister:

Con Dao has a particularly important strategic position in both economic and geopolitical aspects with specific factors in terms of geographical location, natural conditions, history and people. Con Dao has rich and diverse natural resources, has a special national-level area of the whole country, has been creating a solid premise to promote its strengths to take advantage of construction and development resources. Along with that, Con Dao National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a wetland of international importance (called Ramsar site) in 2014.

Con Dao is one of 21 national tourist area of Vietnam. This place is considered by many tourists as a paradise of relaxation and exploring nature (forest and sea). Con Dao is considered a tourist island with beautiful pristine beaches, cool blue water, long flat sand. The air on the island is fresh, like a resort paradise. Con Dao owns the primeval forests and the sea which are closely preserved biodiversity. Con Dao is not only a research place for scientists, but also a place for tourists to travel to explore and experience nature with attractive marine and island ecotourism programs such as swimming, snorkeling, watching coral, etc. marine life, observing sea turtles on the beach to lay eggs at night, releasing baby turtles to the ocean, climbing tours to explore the island's tropical rainforest...

May 2011, the magazine Travel Leisure called Con Dao - where there are "steep cliffs beside pristine beaches and clear blue waters" - as one of the world's best and mysterious islands. The same, similar, Lonely Planet also ranked Con Dao on the list of the world's best and mysterious islands, and praised Con Dao as "a natural paradise with dense forests, jade-colored waters, white sands and home. of sea cows, dolphins , sea turtles and other Coral reef spectacular"…

On November 25, 2005, the Prime Minister approved the socio-economic development of Con Dao until 2020, according to which, "constructing Con Dao into an economic zone - tourism and high-quality services associated with conservation , embellishing Vietnam's special revolutionary relic site and developing and enhancing the value of Con Dao National Park".

On June 17, 2015, the Prime Minister approved the Master Plan for Development of Con Dao National Tourist Area, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province to 2030. Based on the Prime Minister's Decision No. 870/QD-TTg Prime Minister, People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province established Con Dao National Tourist Area on the basis of Management Board of Con Dao Tourist Areas in June 2017. The planning area for development of Con Dao National Tourist Area is located within the administrative boundaries of Con Dao district, including 16 large and small islands with a total surface area of about 75.15km2 of floating land and a water surface area of about 14,000km2.

Perspectives on development of Con Dao National Tourist Area on the basis of rational exploitation of strengths in the value of forest and marine resources Con Dao National Park; promote Con Dao national special historical relic zones. Prioritize the development of eco-tourism, high-class resort, cultural-historical-spiritual tourism, at the same time associating with the international market and enhancing competitiveness with tourism of other islands in the region. and abroad.

Striving to 2030, Con Dao becomes an eco-tourism area of sea, island and culture - history - spirituality with high quality, regional and international characteristics with a synchronous system of technical facilities, modern; branded, highly competitive tourism products with traditional cultural characteristics associated with promoting the values of the Con Dao Special National Historic Site; prepare the necessary conditions to become a tourist city.

In the Resolution of the Executive Board of the District Party Committee for the 2015-2020 term, Con Dao tourism is identified as a key economic sector, other service industries serve the service tourism industry; Resolution of the district Party Congress for the term 2020 - 2025, continuing to structure the island district's economy in the direction of "Tourism - service, industry, agriculture", the proportion of economic sectors tourism - services accounted for over 90%. Con Dao district has been attracting all domestic and foreign resources to develop infrastructure, transport, develop Con Dao to become a tourist city by 2030, an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. countries with tourism types such as eco-tourism, beach resort; visit the island; experience natural heritage and learn historical - cultural - spiritual values….

With the advantage of the potential of diverse and rich tourism resources and the orientation of developing high-quality sea and island tourism, Con Dao district hopes that through this contest, it will find a unique Con Dao tourism logo and slogan. unique, typical for work promote, advertise and compete with other domestic and international tourist resorts./.

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