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In the context of Vietnam was officially a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the country is rapidly growing, receiving many opportunities, but also facing new challenges of competition and international integration.


Based on the approval by the Industry & Trade Department of Hochiminh City and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam Design Association (VDAS) is officially found after 4 years of establishment campaign.


VDAS is a social organization, work voluntarily and self-discipline in order to persuade, encourage creativity in design to serve the living, life and to create the conditions that promote economic development in the market economy. At the same time protecting the rights for the authors to have many new designs, aesthetics, inherit and promote traditional and cultural elite of the nation, promote and integrate internationally in the market economy.


As such, VDAS is tasked with driving policy debate about design in Viet Nam and with being a central point of contact and knowledge on the demonstrable impact that design can make an impact towards meaningful, sustainable social and economic invigoration, renewal.


It is important that VDAS's voice will resonate clearly and loudly to clarify and underscore not only the compelling economic and business case for design. It is even more important, however, that VDAS works to articulate the vital importance of design in all aspects of human life and to clearly pronounce that design is not only the key to innovation and creativity but that sustainable design is the key to shaping and delivering truly sustainable human communities and to ensuring the long term survival of the human specie


To enhance the creative design field in Vietnam, promote the design thinking process as well as change the perception of society about the effects/abilities of designers particularly and Vietnam creative design industry generally in order to against the national critical challenges. It tends to build the dynamic and stable development of the economy, enhance the cultural and social life, environment and improve the quality of human life


Orienting strategies, increasing the important influence of production support design, creating value-added goods, increasing competitive capability, handling the challenges of entrepreneurs.

Connecting designers, entrepreneurs, government and international organizations in order to together contribute and improve Vietnam’s society and economy.

Consulting, educating and providing new inspiration of the design industry as a pioneer through rich and dynamic operating programs to implement design thinking for human life.


- Global and Local Thinking

- Standardize Quality

- Leadership

- Innovation and Responsibility

- Honesty and Transparency

- Equality amongst members


 Download VDAS Profile  HERE


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