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“Where Do Ideas Came From?”

Design Conference and Workshop

Present by Felipe Taborda (Brazil) 

Date And Time :

2023 (updating soon)

Location :

National Architecture University

196 Pasteur st, 

District 3, Ho Chi Minh city

About this Event :

The one I would like to deliver is called “Where Do Ideas Came From?”, in which I do a survey of all the stages of a project, since the initial ideas and concepts till the final product.

In this talk I use my own works and experience to illustrate my thoughts.

Some say this is a quite inspiring conference for students, and it make them realize that dealing with ideas is a simple matter: one have to focus on the concept for any project, and this is the base of a good design - interior, fashion, graphic and industrial.

That’s why I think this conference is good for all your students. Its duration is about one and a half hour, with questions and answers.

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