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Principles and purposes


Vietnam Design Association is a voluntary social - professional organizations of institutions and individuals who have been acting in the field of design and creative art of Products design in general and Consumer goods in particular, Traditional Handicrafts, Graphic design, Fashion design, Interior design, high artistic and aesthetic landscape environment.


Research is applied in training pattern design and creative arts. At the same time, contributing the effort, intellectual for the development of the pattern design in Vietnam and protect the legal interest of its members. The association aims to unite the set of institutions, individuals having heart with the development of the art & design Vietnam, to inherit the traditional cultural quintessence of the nation and to acquisition the art quintessence of human to create products with aesthetic arts and bring huge economic value, contributing to the cause of nation-building increasingly prosperous.


The principles of operation


The Association operates on the principles of voluntary, self-governing, democratic, public and transparent, not-for-profit,self-financing, equality among members; compliance with the Constitution and laws Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Charter Association.

Collective of the leadership and individual, minority obedience majority.

Activities of the Association are managed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; and the ministries involved in the field of the Association activities.

Please download the file for fully details : LINK



In charge of promoting sustainable development for the creative design industry, VDAS will focus to promote innovation and improve design's practice standards to develop and manufacture products in the first 5-year term with the following contents:


  • Building and Developing the Association in the head center, other provinces and cities (local branch establishing).

  • Promoting the competence to connect, educational knowledge, raising the awareness, the ability to operate between the Association and the Branch.

  • VDAS brings together Business decision-makers, Policy-makers, other Associations, Organizations, Entrepreneurs to protect their rights and obligations in order to develop world-changing foresight, in design, innovation and entrepreneurship and ultimately to pioneer innovative ways of deploying design where it's needed most.

  • Campaign to raising funds for the Association. Deploying programs and projects about the event of the experimental model. To support production and consumption, contributing to improving the efficiency for all members and consumers, which focused on the stage:

  1. Organizing Design Education / Training

  2. Organizing Workshops, Research & Consultancy for Business

  3. Organizing Creative Events (Festivals, Exhibitions, Competitions & Awards…)

  4. Editions / Magazines / Media

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