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Hanoi Open University - representing the Ao Dai collection at the 2022 Ao Dai Tourism Festival

Last Saturday evening, December 3, teachers and students of the Faculty of Industrial Styling attended the program of Ha Noi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2022 organized by Hanoi Department of Tourism and related agencies, which took place at flower garden area of ​​Ba Kieu temple, in the walking space of Hoan Kiem lake (Hanoi).

Here, students of the Faculty of Industrial Styling were honored to have 2 collections of Ao Dais performed, which is Diem collection of fashion student Tran Thi Hang K25 and Ha Nhi collection of student group Tran Thuy. Quynh, Le Hong Ngoc, Phung Thi Hien, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong come from K26 fashion class.

Ao Dai Music Festival is a program within the framework of Ao Dai Tourism Festival 2022 taking place from December 2 to 4 at Hoan Kiem pedestrian street, with the goal of gradually restoring and developing tourism activities in the capital. ; exploiting and honoring the traditional ao dai of the Vietnamese people as a source of creativity and a product of unique and effective forms of tourism.

The Ao Dai Tourism Festival not only introduces the beauty of the Ao Dai but also spreads the traditional cultural values ​​of Hanoi as well as Vietnam to a large number of domestic and international friends. It is also a practical activity in preserving and exploiting cultural resources to promote the development of cultural industry.

With the message of bringing the image of the Ao Dai from "Cultural Ambassador" gradually to "Tourism Ambassador" and a typical tourism product of Hanoi-Vietnam, the festival includes many attractive activities, honoring the cultural and traditional values ​​of the Vietnamese Ao Dai, attracting a large number of residents and tourists. In particular, the ao dai performance by students of the Faculty of Industrial Design, Hanoi Open University with 2 collections, brought visitors closer to Vietnamese ao dai.

Hà Nhì Collection

The design team used the texture of the Vietnamese Ao Dai along with the typical features of the black Ha Nhi people's costumes such as: shirt texture, colors or textures to create new designs for Ao Dai. Wave motifs overlapping each other, combined with the image of clouds interwoven to create flexibility and lightness, combined with strong and straight lines are used to create a contrast of beauty. visual as well as make the suit more balanced and harmonious. With that combination, the design team wants to bring new Ao Dai that have both the unique features of Black Ha Nhi and the traditional features of Vietnam's Ao Dai, but also bring modernity, dynamism and application in the modern world. daily life.


Design: Tran Hang Traditional values ​​are the core of the present and the future, so they have long become an endless source of artistic inspiration, with a concern about the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation. With a deep affection for Trinh's music, the "Diem" collection was born as a combination of Vietnamese Ao Dai and the unfinished love story of the late musician Trinh Cong Son and the muse Bich Diem with the desire to bring a bit of tranquility. Quiet, a little slow to the hustle and bustle of modern life. The collection with the main material is silk, a familiar traditional material, combined with modern, strong contrasting lines and decorations, bearing the sad emotions in Diem's ​​work but still intact the lightness of the evil. Ao Dai and Vietnamese woman..



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