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VDAS Design Association is honored to coordinate with Korean Institute Design Promotion (KIDP) to implement the program VIETNAM DESIGN + BUSINESS CONNECTION" program. Through this project, KIDP will support VDAS’ young and talented Korean designers who have many experiences working in foreign markets in various fields of design such as:  Branding/Graphic Design, Web/UI-UX Design, Fashion Designer, Product and Industrial Design.


Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the interns have not yet have the opportunity to come to Vietnam to participate in our projects and collaborate with businesses to design stages ranging from design concept to production perfecting products, so we will apply ways to coordinate remote work between Vietnam and Korea.

"Global Design Internship Program" is a government-funded-5-month Korean program that will last until the end of 2020. It is an opportunity for young Korean designers to develop design talents through connecting with enterprises in localities and territories outside of Korea.

With 8 young Korean designers registered to join VDAS for the VIETNAM DESIGN + BUSINESS CONNECTION" program, enterprises when registering for the program will be connected with these young designers that have been trained to fit the standard and is willing to contribute to the Vietnamese manufacturing business community. Manufacturing businesses (preferably businesses in Ho Chi Minh City) in the fields related to:

- Branding design, packaging, printing.

- Consumer goods, articles, light industrial goods,

- Handicrafts and Interior decoration.

- Fashion accessories, apparel, jewelry

- Industrial design.


If your enterprise have a need for consultation on designing & improving product designs, please do not hesitate to participate in the opportunity to change & upgrade new models.

More information about the VIETNAM DESIGN + BUSINESS CONNECTION": Click Here.

Membership Registration: Click Here.

Registration Submission: Click Here.




I always have been deeply interested in fashion design and foreign culture from when I was younger.

So I choose to study and work in Norway and United States. I learnt various perspectives and global sense as a designer from those experiences

I am very excited that I can co-work with VDAS, Since I have lots of interest in Vietnamese culture and also the potential it has. I am looking forward that I can understand Design & Business industry and environment of Vietnam
through this internship and also hopefully I wish I can promote today's design of South Korea to Vietnam successfully.




A Positive and fast learning fashion Designer excellent with Photoshop and Illustrator.


I'm a Fashion and Graphic designer. Creative work is my all-time priority. and I always put extreme level of attention to detail.


I like the collaborative project with others. I am a very kind of an adaptable person who can enjoy a new culture and environment with a high-level understanding of fashion industrial

profile photos.jpeg



A member of the team who adapts quickly to the team with a bright and positive person - ality, and increases efficiency by handling the work with sense. Also sensitive to trends and always tries to present new ideas without neglecting market research.

The design company I used to work for has carried out branding and package design of various companies and is still making steady efforts to develop them. 

I think it is The center of Vietnamese Design and I think I can get ahead of international design in the future. I want to learn the trend and sense of internship in VDAS. 




I am a multi-faceted product designer with a rational strategy and creative design language. I love the challenges of new and innovative projects. I strive to recognize intricate details and amplify them into tangible experiences. specialize at utillizing software such as Rhino, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Illustration and Indesign. and I get many ideas and inspiration from nature. 

I have very good eyes on  discovering something special from nature. 

I have a good impression about VDAS's vision that changing society's perception of the effects of designers and the design industry.


Park Ji  Hyun.JPG



Creative industrial designer who can do many things including electronics, furniture, graphic design, and research. Delivers high-quality work on time even when working through very tight deadlines. Specialized in 3D tools, 2D software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Video Production is possible. Since it has a start-up function, it is possible to perform research and marketing with an emphasis on product quality.

After military service, Started a startup business with my friends, I designed and built inside a mini desktop computer with a wooden case, As a result, I sold products through crowdfunding for a total of $4,000. This experience was very valuable for me. After that, I proceeded with outsourcing through collaboration with various companies.In the future, I will challenge more things

I think VDAS is a big opportunity for me. I want to learn many things in Vietnam and learn a lot from others through this opportunity.


Jinhyuk Kwon.jpg



I am a UX designer based in S. Korea. I graduate master's in digital media design and worked as a research designer in a mechanical engineering research institute. My interest part is future technology and our life. I researched the opportunity in our environment and propose a new solution. As a technology-oriented designer, I will create a better experience.

Vietnam is the country with the highest growth potential. The key to potential is the opportunity and want to get it with VDAS. First, I will document their lives to research the overseas environment and create the base of the service. It will be the most important part of the Vietnamese design industry in the future 2020s. As the industry grows, more IT and service design will be needed, and I will create UX guides accordingly. Finally, I want to try to start a business by using my data on Vietnam UX. To do this, I need to have a deep understanding of Vietnam and will need help from VDAS.

Areum Song_Profile photo_3 (1).jpeg



I’m a creative and multi-talented UI/UX Designer who thinks flexibly based on various design experiences. I have continued to make achievements as a designer and planner in various projects, including the Global Industry-Academic Project, Vietnam WTA Contest, IF Design Award, and Nonsan City Content Product Development, and played a leading role in the project, mainly taking charge of planning and GUI design related to app and web production.

I like the overall design process from planning to production of products, but among them, I like to plan design content that can communicate with people and learn various perspectives and encompass the overall process of design. I think this internship is an opportunity for me to carry out various working projects with various global companies. I want to grow together by utilizing my knowledge and experience in this internship based on my previous IF design award and various design experiences

Kim jung eun.JPG



I majored in industrial design and UX/UI design. I worked as a UX/UI designer before and have experience designing and providing the interface design to some company and clients. I have experience launching and designing applications and website susing various design methodologies. I want to make VDAS a more attractive institution by utilizing my experience and major knowledge.


I found VDAS' future-oriented vision and work very attractive. In Vietnam, where there is a high chance of success, I think the value of VDAS is significant. VDAS is now working for various design in dustries such as graphics, fashion, interior, and for design events. I think that these efforts will lead the success of Vietnam's design industry. I want to be a more professional designer at VDAS and contribute to the further success of the institution’s business.

Kim Jung Eun
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