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Design For Hospitality & FnB 2024

Centered around the theme of “The Art of Sensory Design”, this design approach seeks to create vivid and memorable experiences for resort environments by stimulating all five human senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The goal is to drive sustainable development through the incorporation of the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and an innovative approach to the art of sensory design. By engaging comprehensively with the human senses, it aims to provide profound and unforgettable experiences for customers at hotels, restaurants, and resorts.


Additionally, the element of sustainable design in the resort industry is a critically important aspect, reflecting a growing awareness of environmental protection issues. This addresses the increasing need to minimize adverse impacts on the environment for hotels, resorts, and other entertainment spaces that are experiencing robust development. Implementing sustainable practices can contribute to cost savings, enhance brand reputation, and create positive impacts on both local and global environments.

To learn more about trends as well as other changes that are expected to develop future prospects for Hospitality and F&B, the event VMARK Design Voices – “The Art of Sensory Design in Hospitality" will bring in-depth market analysis and perspectives, as well as the changes that will become the 2024 trends for space & materials treatment, style, sustainable design and application of technology utilities.

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