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Design Exhibition


We are pleased to receive great companionship and support from the following leading design Universities nationalwide:

Abstract Background


The special event in 2024 is organized by the VDAS Design Association, with the companionship of leading Universities nationwide and young Designers & Businesses... to honor creativity and innovation. Introducing the latest graphics design trends.

A convergence of groundbreaking and pioneering design ideas from talented young Designers.

​Our target:

  • Introducing creative design ideas, displaying unique and pioneering design ideas.

  • We are connecting designers with leading experts & businesses in the industry, turning design ideas into real products.

  • Inspire and promote the development of Vietnam's design industry.


  • Young Designers are graduating in 2024 from top universities nationwide

  • Young Designers & Freelancers

  • Related Fashion Enterprises

Exhibition Categories

Exhibition Processing & Timing

Online exhibition on our VDAS website & fanpage

Estimated exhibition timing:

2 months (Aug - Sept 2024)

Exhibition at professional exhibition space & gallery.

Estimated exhibition timing:

1 weeks (~Oct - Nov 2024)

The exhibition space expected
(Audi showroom)

Other activities

During the exhibitions, there will be interesting accompanying activities

Would you like to join this special event? join us now:

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