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In the series of DESIGN NETWORKING COCKTAIL events organized by VDAS Design Association, the "VDAS MEMBERS' DAY | POOL PARTY" party promises to bring a vibrant and valuable atmosphere. With the presence of the music band and the luxurious space of SkyBar & Lounge of La Vela Hotel, the pool party is not only a place to connect the interior design community in particular; but also a place to exchange, share personal projects, and exchange experiences with experts in the field of the interior in general.


The 4th DESIGN NETWORKING COCKTAIL event has successfully closed with nearly 200 guests, who are designers, businesses, educational institutions, in an energetic and lively meeting at SkyOne Bar & Lounge on 27th floor of La Vela Hotel. Beside outstanding performances of the band and our guests, Design Networking Cocktail is also filled with sharings, connections and relationships; strengthening the mission of the VDAS Association, connecting and building a growing and sustainable Vietnamese design community. VDAS would like to express our sincere thanks to our guests who are designers, businesses and educational institutions for taking the time to come, share, participate, and accompany with VDAS at DESIGN NETWORKING COCKTAIL #4 event.


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