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The Future of Workplace in 2033 | THE REVOLUTION OF WORKSPACE

As part of the "Shaping Vietnam’s Creative Image" event series, Design Voices | The Future of Workplace in 2033 took place at GEM Center, Ho Chi Minh City, with over 300 invited guests on the afternoon of July 21, 2023. The event featured leading design experts and trend researchers in the field of workspace interior design, coming together to bring innovative values to the community.

The discussion session “The Future of Workplace in 2033” is pioneering in the search for new designs for the future workspace.

The program is organized to understand the overall picture of a multicultural workspace and shape new trends in the development of workspace design for the future. In an atmosphere filled with expertise, leading design experts have presented unique perspectives, opening opportunities for the design community to understand the context and development trends of the future workspace in 2033.

The event is honored to receive professional support from 2 main speakers: Mr. Ranko Lukić (Managing Director of VASTA STONE); Ms. Maki Hagisaka (Marketing Manager of OKAMURA - Japan); along with 8 panelists who are experts in the interior design industry from different countries such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Vietnam.

Mr. Ho Tan Duong - President of HCMC Design Association | Vietnam (VDAS)- made an opening speech at the event.

In his speech, Mr. Ho Tan Duong - President of Vietnam Design Association, HCMC | Vietnam (VDAS) stated: “In this era of Industry 4.0, we are not only designers, but also pioneers in shaping the future. We need to look into the future not only with a creative mindset, but also with a responsibility towards society and the environment”,

To discover new trends for workspace development, designers and researchers have developed a special scientific field to provide new directions for workspaces. It is not only about layout design, lighting, and future office models, but also about focusing on office products based on human needs and ergonomics to design desks, chairs, and sustainable materials that optimize work productivity and employee health. Each culture, country, and business has different ways of designing and constructing offices to increase work efficiency and bring about the best growth for the company.

Mr. Ranko Lukić - VASTA STONE - presents on the future of workspace.

At the event, Mr. Ranko Lukić - Managing Director of VASTA STONE shares: “For me - someone working in the creative field - working from home is not always ideal. Today, at this event, I want to introduce our company's ideas on incorporating sustainability into workspace design. We aim to enhance the balance between work and life”.

According to Ms. Maki Hagisaka, Marketing Manager of OKAMURA: “It can be seen that the office used to be a variation of a “genetic factory” - where employees were heavily monitored. The amazing thing is that we have transitioned to a more refined, comfortable, creative, and modern work environment. And as the workspace improves, we begin to approach the diversity of office space, no longer limited by space and time”.

Panelist of the event “The Future of Workplace in 2033”.

“Sustainable office design involves creating office interiors that use environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and other green design principles to reduce the impact on the environment” - Vo Thi Kieu Diem, Project Sale Director of VASTA STONE, shared at the event.

Incorporating sustainability into workspace design creates an optimal environment for employee productivity and health, while minimizing negative impacts on the surrounding environment. In the field of Design - Architecture, sustainable design also includes creating a nature-friendly work environment - providing natural light - fresh air - and green spaces to enhance creativity and work morale for employees.

The discussion session received a great deal of interest from participants.

According to Mr. Matthew Young - General Director of STUDIO3EIGHT: “To truly be sustainable, we need furniture with low embedded energy that can be used for a significant period of time without requiring extensive repairs - every time we dismantle an old piece of furniture and install a new one, we are putting significant pressure on natural resources”.

To expand on this viewpoint, Mr. Andrew Currie, Chairman of OUT-2 DESIGN GROUP, shared: “One of the most valuable lessons I have learned about workplace design is that successful projects require 5 important elements: Vision - Preparation - Strategy - Support - Patience”.

Architect Bui Hoang Bao, Co-founder of MIA DESIGN STUDIO, shared his perspective: “When designing, we always create buildings that speak. The interior space enhances interaction, communication, and smooth operation and usage. In contrast, the exterior space creates an open, pure, and inspiring atmosphere”.

Ms. Kim Eun Kyung - CEO of RED INTERIOR & ARCHITECTURE, shares her perspective on the design of future spaces: “A stimulating and innovative way to develop ideas and creativity for employees through the workspace is by using color and light to create an environment that is both friendly and future-oriented. This helps improve the health of employees and they will be enthusiastic about their working time”.

Mr. Han My Can - Co-founder of UNITY ARCHITECTS, further adds: "In addition to providing various types of work to meet the individual needs of employees, with a sustainable office, we also focus on creating a balance between work and the sense of belonging for employees towards the organization's sustainable goals as a good foundation to promote motivation and increase employee productivity”.

Design Voices | Interior #4 | The Future of Workplace in 2033 - Networking.

In addition, attending the Design Voices | Interior #4 | The Future of Workplace in 2033 event, the design community is also connected with many reputable businesses through networking activities and an exhibition area showcasing workplace interior design products.

Design Voices | Interior #4 | The Future of Workplace in 2033 - Đối tác chiến lược Vasta Stone.

VMARK is pleased to have Co-Strategic partner Vasta Stone - the first luxury sintered stone brand in Vietnam. We would like to thank the design and architecture community, valuable partners, and media units for their interest and participation in the event.

Vasta Stone is the first luxury sintered stone brand in the market, proudly made in Vietnam using cutting-edge Italian technology and featuring a wide range of exquisite Italian designs. With its superior size, hardness, and the application of advanced production techniques, sintered stone products from Vasta Stone are the ideal choice for various purposes, providing architectural surface solutions for any space.

Many exhibition areas come from famous brands in the interior design industry.

In particular, the event is honored to be supported by Platinum Sponsor Okamura Vietnam and the participation of many other famous brands in the industry, which have contributed to the success of the event.


The Vietnam Design Award VMARK is part of a series of creative events sponsored by the Ho Chi Minh City Design Association | Vietnam (VDAS). With the desire to continue raising the bar and promoting the development of the design field in Vietnam, VMARK has chosen the theme “Shaping Vietnam’s Creative Image” for 2023, with various activities to help the design community stay updated on new trends and development directions. The Vietnam Design Award VMARK 2023 will be honored during the VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK, taking place from October 11th to 12th, 2023.


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