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Updated: Apr 3

The day of March 26, 2024 is a memorable day and marks an important milestone when VDAS sets up its first representative office abroad in Beijing, along with the signing ceremony of strategic partnership with the JHD Architectural Decoration Design Institute and China building and decoration Association. This will be the bridge between Vietnamese and Chinese Design / Architecture Community with the aim to exchange design projects, human resources and professional cooperation opportunities between the two countries.

JHD belongs to Jungho Group, one of China's leading corporations registered on the stock market in the fields of Interior Design, Architecture, Construction, Healthcare, Technology... JHD also gathers a group of  SLD design lead by world-famous Interior Designer - Mr. Steve Leung.

The company has undertaken the decoration design and construction of over 1,000 national & international projects for more than 20 years including public space projects as the China National Stadium (Bird's Nest), Harbin Grand Theater; Beijing Universal Theme Park, cultural tourism projects; Capital International Airports, Kunming Changshui International Airport and other transportation hub projects. 

JHD Group has contributed to changing the face of Beijing city and bringing Chinese architecture and interior industries to become one of the most creative and innovative countries in the field of architecture and construction in the world. 

Hopefully VDAS will continue to set up more representative offices in other countries around the world in the near future.

On March 25, 2024, the Vietnam Design Delegation led by HO TAN DUONG, the President of VDAS DELEGATION, paid a visit to Jangho Design (JHD). Both parties carried out in-depth exchange on project cooperation, academic exchange, designer cultivation, etc. and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

HO TAN DUONG, the President of VDAS DELEGATION and TRAN NGOC DANH, the Vice President of VDAS DELEGATION said, “we do much appreciate JHD’s scale, strength and high-quality design projects. Vietnam is under fast development stage and has posed higher and more requirements for high-quality designs. With a short development history, Vietnam’s design industry hopes to establish favorable cooperation relationship with JHD in terms of project cooperation, academic exchange, design talent cultivation, etc.”


Aaron Ding, JHD’s chairman said, “I’d like to extend my warm welcome to HO TAN DUONG, the President of VDAS DELEGATION for the visit to JHD. As an excellent large design enterprise in China, JHD has rich project management experience and design technical ability. VDAS has significant influence in Vietnam’s design industry. Both parties shall intensify exchange continuously to promote the cooperation on excellent design projects. As a company with over 20 years of history, which has witnessed the development of China’s decoration design industry, JHD is glad to share the development experience for your reference.”


Later JHD, VDAS DELEGATION AND APDC made in-depth discussion on their cooperation in design field and signed strategic cooperation framework agreement.

Aaron Ding from JHD was also invited to serve as the judge of VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN AWARD.

Then the unveiling ceremony of Vietnam (China) Design Center was held in JHD. Fan Shuling, the Executive Vice President and Secretary-general of Beijing Construction Decoration Association, Aaron Ding, the President of JHD, VDAS President HO TAN DUONG, VDAS Vice President TRAN NGOC DANH, Wang Linyan, the Vice General Secretary of APDC, etc. attended the ceremony. The establishment of the Center serves as a platform for the exchange and learning of both countries’ designers.

JHD will as always provide optimal design services for customers by following the core values of “focusing on customers and design quality”. At the same time, the Company will also explore the international market actively, help the excellent Chinese designers and works appear in the world stage and improve the international influence of Chinese design.

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