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Following the success of the "Vietnam Industrial Design Exhibition 2021”, Ho Chi Minh City Design Association (VDAS) is pleased to launch the Industrial Design Talk series to the entire design community. This is the opening event for the Industrial Design Talk series, which will be held by VDAS every month with attractive topics, from interesting and useful sharing by experienced experts in the field of design.

The webinar on the topic "Ideation Techniques in Industrial Design" took place for about 2 hours with enthusiastic collaboration from students and speakers. With the leadership of host Nguyen Diep, Lecturer of University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, Head of Training of VDAS Design Association, and Creative Director at Design & Print Nguyễn Điệp 99, the webinar took place successfully. Besides, enthusiastic sharing from speaker Neo Nguyen ( currently Senior Designer of Kinis Barefoot brand, in addition, he also holds the position of Creative Director for Neo Studio, a studio specializing in industrial design. With over ten years of experience in industrial design have collaborated, built products with 15 partners worldwide) has inspired designers and brought invaluable knowledge with many contents below :

  • Ideation: Where do ideas come from? A method to not be "stuck" with ideas, build ideas quickly, capture and navigate the flow of ideas logically and coherently. Things to keep in mind when developing ideas.

  • Sketch: How to make a sketch professional? How to sketch and express ideas from sketch to perfection. Live sketch from the speaker.

  • Render: Paper rendering and machine rendering.

  • Techniques to make even simple drawings become attractive and visually appealing, easily "pleasing" customers, project owners, or simply instructors.

  • Tips to choose, optimize work skillfully between Sketch - Sketching and 3D, CAD programs

  • Discuss, ask questions with speakers.

The success of this event is in big part thanks to the enthusiastic participation and support from the "Industrial Design" community. In the near future, Ho Chi Minh City Design Association (VDAS) will coordinate with related units to continue implementing a series of seminars with unique and attractive topics, continuing to maintain the mission of a hub connecting the community of design lovers.

Watch the webinar “Ideation Techniques in Industrial Design” here :


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