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Deadline submission 30/10/2022

Đặt nội dung quảng bá
sản phẩm & dịch vụ 

Vietnam Design Magazine was born with the principal purpose of becoming a voice of “The Vietnam Design community reaching out to the world”, contributing to fulfill the role of the Vietnam Design Association - VDAS as a professional organization gathering numerous creative designers across the country.


Vietnam Design Magazine hopes to carry out a mission of connecting designers, design technology as well as design culture (including areas: Interior design | Architecture | Furniture & Decoration | Product styling | Fashion | Graphics, and other creative fields); contribute to raising the awareness and work ethics; Affirming the values ​​of knowledge and humanity in creative design. It is a motivation to drive force for the generation of young designer students to improve their skills and qualifications. Therefore, integrating into the common development of Design in Vietnam and the region.

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