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On September 19, 2022, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design of Van Lang University held a Talkshow at 8:30 AM with the topic "Fashion modeling - Starting the journey to become a designer" with the participation of the designer. model, Indochine art researcher Ngo Kim Khoi.

Stylist and art researcher Ngo Kim Khoi is the grandson of the late painter Nam Son - co-founder of the Indochine Fine Arts School. It was this starting point that nurtured his love of art and aesthetic sensibilities from an early age. Starting from a round zero in the capital of light, experiencing many ups and downs, model designer Ngo Kim Khoi has now become a familiar name, recognized by many high-end fashion brands (Hermès, Christian Dior, etc.), Jean Louis, Chloe,...) and global superstars (Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Charlotte Gainsbourg,...) trust the cooperation.

Talking with the community of Fine Arts students of Van Lang University, designer and art researcher Ngo Kim Khoi pointed out the differences in the roles of designer Stylist and Modelist. "To contribute to a finished product, from a modelist's point of view, one must see what others don't see. The definition of success for a modelist, I think, is satisfaction. customers, the admiration, the admiration of those who enjoy the product. There is no shining halo on the catwalk but we also have our behind-the-scenes pride. We work for passion. passionate about."

To the talkshow, stylist and art researcher Ngo Kim Khoi also brought his commemorative collection of 35 waistcoats and 03 silk blankets that he collected and made during the making. work at Hermès.

According to Mr. Ngo Kim Khoi, the job of a modelist, by all means, to realize the designer's ideas. To do that, there must be empathy between the two sides. Besides, he also advises young people who pursue art on building their artistic appreciation and art knowledge. In addition to professional techniques, knowledge, and empathy for cultural beauty, the beauty of life will bring artists many unexpected creations.

Within the framework of the talk, model maker and researcher Ngo Kim Khoi and lecturers and students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design discussed the integration of national identity into design in the age of digitalization. , internationalize. Ngo Kim Khoi affirmed that, although technology is increasingly developing, the soul put into each work of art is what makes the human position irreplaceable.

The audience asked questions and discussed with speaker Ngo Kim Khoi about the role of a designer and modelist in today's era.
The audience asked questions and discussed with speaker Ngo Kim Khoi about the role of a designer and modelist in today's era.

According to PhS. Nguyen Vu Cam Ly - Lecturer in Fashion Design at Van Lang University, defines Vietnam as not about an individual or an object; Every Van Lang Fashion Design student can be a cultural ambassador and today's generation of young designers is the definition of Vietnamese fashion. It is what we show to international friends that will contribute to creating Vietnam in the eyes of friends from all over the world.

As the cradle of many famous fashion designers, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Van Lang University always creates opportunities for students to learn and update new knowledge, not only creating ideas but also creating new ideas. also trained in stable technique through practical classes, workshops, and subjects on sewing and pattern-making techniques. Building a training system that balances creative thinking and technical skills contributes to creating advantages for learners in the process of choosing orientation and developing future jobs.



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