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Updated: May 29, 2023

Con Dao is well-known for its outstanding features for a place with full of tropical vibe. With the potential benefits of tourism, the local government always effort to build a brand identity as well as promote communication activities, advertising and exclusive images for this island. A webinar with the theme "Build Brand Identity for Local Tourism" under the distribution of Design Association HCMC.Vietnam (VDAS) was held on the morning of 26/02. 10/2021 with a famous hot air and valuable and useful knowledge for participants. This is also an activity to launch the contest "Creating Con Dao tourism logos and slogans" to support the professional, impressive and attractive method in the image design a Con Dao address for domestic and international tourists.

Webinar "Build Brand Identity for Local Tourism” is an event organized by Design Association HCMC. Vietnam (VDAS) to support Con Dao government in particular and Vietnam's tourism industry in general dealing with the answers for branding local tourism. By repeating the announcement in a common voice, creating a useful exchange and sharing session for the community, during nearly 3 hours, the webinar brought students as well as guests many knowledge and enthusiasm from specialists.

Guest: VDAS Creators‘ Voice Series is a series of sharing sessions started to connect the global design community. With more than 100 attendees via the Zoom online platform, the webinar was successfully held with enthusiastic and well-known exchanges from both participants and the authors :

1. Ms. Tran Ngoc Danh, vice president of VDAS and the prestigious VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN AWARD award.

2. Mr. Phan Trong Binh, a familiar name in the advertising and media industry. With more than 20 years of experience in the advertising industry and 10 years in the position of Creative Director at international agencies such as Dentsu, JWT. TBWA, Isobar. He is also the founder of Bold Creative Lab.

3. Ms. Nguyen Diep, lecturer in graphic design at the University of Architecture and Head of the Training & Training Department at HCMC Design Association VDAS will participate as a host for this event.

“ Webinar Build Brand Identity for Local Tourism not only brings solutions to the problem of branding tourism in Con Dao district but also helps businesses find new ideas for both the design of tourism and regional products”, shared by Ms. Tran Ngoc Danh, vice president of VDAS.

Mr. Phan Trong Binh brought the session to share the brand strategy process with the 4Cs formula, brand positioning, and how to build a creative strategy for the brand. In addition, viewers learned more about 12 types of brand archetypes, brand identity, logo building, and brand communication strategies, especially branding strategies for the tourism industry.

Shortly, Design Association HCMC. Vietnam (VDAS) will coordinate with related stakeholders to continue implementing a series of seminars with unique and attractive topics, maintaining the mission of a hub connecting the community of designers.


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