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Supported by Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education


The project supports the connection between education and businesses within the framework of cooperation between VDAS Design Association and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education.


Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media, University of Technology and Education would like to introduce to you the Internship program 2021.

Program content:

With the desire to equip students with the right skills and knowledge to meet the increasing requirements of the business community and also an opportunity for students to experience practical work at the enterprise after a three-year period of formal training at the University. Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media organizes an internship program for students in multimedia graphic design.

Benefits from the program to the business quarter:

- Reach potential candidates in media graphic design.

- Cooperate with trainees as real employees for a period of 15 weeks from September 15, 2021.

- There is a cooperation of the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Media in the requirements of businesses related to the field of Printing and Graphic Design according to the open letter attached link:

Form of receiving trainees:

- To receive trainees for this school year, you fill out the receipt according to the attached link:

- Please complete the information sheet by Sept 10, 2021 so that the preparation for the upcoming internship of the Faculty is carried out on schedule and satisfactory.

- Due to the epidemic situation, the internship course can be in the form of online according to business requirements.

This will be an opportunity for final year students to experience a practical internship at the business.And further, students can become a useful human resource for businesses in the future.

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