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Quick Design Contest with Tik Tok

The contest was organized to create a playground for HUTECH students to show their creativity with recycled materials, to design beautiful, aesthetic and "green" - environmentally friendly products.

To participate in the contest "Fast Design - Create with Tik Tok", students take the following steps:

Step 1: Students make a video clip recording the process of creating, designing and implementing products using the Tik Tok application, attaching the hashtags #KTMTTikTokEco2021, #KTMTsangtao, #kientrucmythuat #HUTECH and attaching the HUTECH logo, the Faculty logo in the upper right corner of the video.

The products made can be household items recycled from bottles, jars, newspapers, ... or new designs based on accessories and details from old clothes and household appliances. ..

Step 2: Send the video clip to email: with the title: QUICK DESIGN CONTEST. The email content needs to list full information such as student's full name, student ID, class, unit (Faculty/Dept) and the message to be shared.

Step 3: Share and invite friends to interact when the video clip is posted on the Tik Tok channel @ktmthutech of the Design Faculty


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