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Workshop: "Art of Comics - Approaching and Practicing from a Content Perspective"

On November 12 and 13, 2022, the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design held the workshop "Art of Comics - Approaching and Practicing from a Content Perspective". The workshop was led by speaker Nguyen Anh Tuan - ChuKim and accompanied by 10 instructors in the Graphic Design industry. The event brings an interesting experience for students who have a passion for comic art, exploiting creativity in many other aspects such as content creation and editing.

The development of technology has contributed to making the comic - illustration industry become a potential field, requiring an abundant force of artists to create content. However, the training of comics - illustration in Vietnam is still quite simple. Most just stop at general art training, not providing potential learners with full knowledge and professional skills to become a professional comic author. Workshop "Art of Comics" is coordinated by Faculty of Fine Arts and Design with speaker ChuKim to realize the desire to become a new breeze, contributing to young people's dream of becoming illustrators and cartoonists. sail out to sea. Within the framework of 2 lessons, Van Lang students have access to basic knowledge, create opportunities to practice the steps of building comic scripts, have a clearer view of their profession and future career path. future.

Speaker ChuKim, whose real name is Nguyen Anh Tuan, is known as a writer (poetry, prose, short story) and an independent researcher on comics. He is the author of a trilogy of essays about comics (Comic in Vietnam, thirty years looking back; Vietnamese comics, there is still heaven today; Vietnamese comics, surfing on two waves) in Vietnam. Vietnam has brought a lot of useful knowledge and inspiration to young people with passion in the field. ChuKim is also a bright name, participating in the project "My Vietnam, my Vietnam" - a collaboration between the Goethe Institute Vietnam and the online literary magazine Zzz Review implemented in 2022.

In the first workshop on November 12, 2022, the students were divided into small groups and watched short films from 5 to 15 minutes. With their own creativity, the students were transformed into screenwriters, turning short films into pages of stories with unique colors and personal imprints.

At the workshop on November 13, 2022, 60 students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design attending the workshop were divided into 20 different groups with the task of creating storyboards for the films set by the Organizing Committee such as: Modern Educayshun, The Jigsaw, The Sunshine Room, The Clue,... All of them revolve around topics close to life, stimulating young people's creativity about love, family, horror, fiction, etc. ...



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