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Van Lang University officially announced the training of Digital Art Design

The creative industry in Vietnam is increasingly expanding into diverse fields with special emphasis on the combination of design and technology. Grasping current trends and social needs, universities continuously organize enrollment of new majors to suit the digital transformation era of society.

Recently, Van Lang University has announced that it will organize more teaching courses in Digital Art Design, creating conditions for young Vietnamese to have more choices about future jobs, learn more knowledge. new, access to many advanced technology software.

Van Lang University officially announced the training of Digital Art Design

(VLU, May 26, 2021) - Van Lang University is a big name in Vietnam's fine art design training sites, with fields of study that have made an impact over the past 15 years, such as Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Product Design. In May 2021, the University announced the opening of the Digital Arts & Design major.

For many young people, the concept of Digital Art Design is not too strange, but in Vietnamese universities, this field is only present in a few schools, and often at the specialized level. Van Lang University is probably one of the first schools to make Digital Art Design as an official training, with the code 7210407.


Department of Digital Art Design Van Lang University

  • Training period: 4 years

  • Degree: Bachelor of Digital Art Design

  • 2 in-depth orientations: Animation design; Film design.

  • Combination of subjects for admission: H03 (Mathematics - Natural Science - Drawing); H04 (Math - English - Drawing); H05 (Literature – Social Science – Drawing); H06 (Literature – English – Drawing)


Digital art design - the direction for the field of design 4.0

The year of 2021 will continue to mark the explosion of social networking platforms as streamers, bloggers, viral clips spread everywhere, and brands boldly advertise with unique, strange and impressive TVCs.

The "digital" trend in the field of design, connecting design with technology and communication will continue to thrive in the 4.0 era. Van Lang University's decision to open Digital Art Design is not early (when the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design has been training in Interactive Media Art Design since 2014), but it is a timely step. Time to satisfy the market and the needs of many students who want to study modern design at a prestigious university.

The Digital Art Design major trains students to create design products for communication by applying modern digital technologies. Previously, Van Lang University used to develop a major in Interactive Media Art Design for the field of multimedia communication, now, with Digital Art Design, the school continues to train with 02 students. Specializing in Animation Design and Film Design. After finishing the second semester, students are selected to specialize in determining careers.

Students of Van Lang University have created a lot of buzz in competitions, playgrounds and in the professional design market. The birth of the Digital Art Design industry helps young people have more opportunities to develop talents in line with trends

To go far in the field of Digital Art Design

Studying in Digital Art Design, students receive intensive training in using tools and graphic software for web design, game design, animation, TVC advertising, photography techniques, shooting - editing movies,… According to MSc. Le Truong Bao, Head of Digital Art Design at Van Lang University, young people interested in Digital Arts & Design are often quite afraid of tools when they start learning (computers, recording tools, software, etc.) ...), but in fact, this is not a decisive factor for you to go far in this field; It is important that students have thinking, aesthetic ability, ability to organize and arrange materials, ability to connect materials with communication goals, etc.

Also according to Dr. HS. Nguyen Dac Thai, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, Van Lang University, the advantage for candidates studying Digital Art Design at Van Lang is a design element that is considered top priority. Van Lang School enrolls students in Digital Art Design as a talent for Drawing, while connecting with technology and media in the training process. Thus, professionally, upon graduation, students will become professional designers, and at the same time knowledgeable in the field of communication.

Upon graduation, students of Digital Art Design can participate in event organization; make promotional films; television design, processing behind-the-scenes effects; game design; scripting, setting and art direction; design software interface, website; freelance…with many promotion opportunities and attractive income.

At Van Lang, students are free to participate in team movement activities to develop creative thinking

The Digital Art Design major will be held at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Van Lang University.

Admission method:

+ Admission by high school transcripts (2nd phase, deadline until the end of May 31, 2021) and the next batch of admissions according to the announcement of Van Lang University. With the 2nd round of academic record admission (May 10 - May 31, 2021), the score for receiving applications for Digital Fine Art Design is 24.00 points (Drawing score is doubled).

+ Admission by high school graduation exam results 2021: candidates wait for the official announcement of instructions before the time the Ministry of Education and Training allows candidates to adjust their aspirations for university admission by high school graduation exam scores.

+ Admission by the results of the Competency Assessment exam - VNU-HCM in 2021: candidates wait for the official announcement of Van Lang University, it is expected that the school will continue to open the second batch of applications in June/ 2021.


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