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Introduction of Competition

The Valley of Love is a precious gem located about 6km northeast of the city center of Da Lat, with a total area of nearly 140 hectares. On August 31, 1998, The Valley of Love was recognized as a national tourist attraction.


This is an interesting destination in the brand chain of Chairman of Thanh Thanh Cong Tourism Joint Stock Company (TTC Hospitality) of TTC Group. The unique feature of this place is the harmonious combination between Mong Mo Hill - where the ancient architecture of Dalat is perfectly preserved and The Valley of Love - a romantic destination filled with the flavor of love.


Exploiting the impressive natural space, The Valley of Love possesses a series of unique landscapes associated with local culture, thereby affirming its position as a leading destination when visiting Da Lat, bringing the image of Vietnam tourism to leave its mark on the world map.


Desiring to open up opportunities to honor and realize unique ideas of designers, enhance the image of Da Lat tourism, with the support of the Lam Dong Provincial People's Committee, the Global Monument Design Competition “Goddess of Love" is jointly organized by TTC Hospitality, Vietnam Design Association, HCMC (VDAS) and Vietnam Design Award (VMARK). This is a playground to show creativity and artistic passion, to honor love and eternal beauty, as well as to create opportunities to promote the image of The Valley of Love tourist area in particular, and Da Lat city in general, becoming a cultural destination and an attractive tourist area for domestic and international visitors.


With a global scale, the competition has received the attention and support from specialized design media units at home and abroad. In addition, the award is recognized by the Jury Board from large-scale Design Organizations & Associations such as: Japan Interior Architects & Designer's Association (JID), International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) / Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) / School of Architecture/University of Nevada (USA) / OPAL Design Award (UK) / Competitions Archi Organization / ArchDaily Magazine ...

For detailed information about the competition and how to participate, please refer to the CONTEST RULES 


The  purpose of the competition


  • The competition aims to gather and provide an opportunity for artists, architects, and designers from all over the world to honor eternal love and beauty through their creativity and artistic passion.

  • Innovation and creativity in design ideas are highly encouraged, including groundbreaking and innovative approaches.

  • Promote the image of The Valley of Love in particular and the dreamy Dalat city in general becoming an attractive cultural and tourist destination, alongside famous domestic and international landscapes.

  • Raising awareness of the importance of preserving the natural beauty, cultural identity, and most iconic landmarks in the misty land of Da Lat.

  • Promote the brand image of The Valley of Love Tourist Area to both domestic and international tourists.

  • Create more unique wonders bearing Vietnam's mark on the world tourist map.

Information about TTC Group 

Established in 1979, TTC is one of the leading investment conglomerates in Vietnam, operating in six fields including Agriculture, Energy, Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, Tourism, and Education, with nearly 7,000 employees and over 120 subsidiaries in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Australia…

With its persistent efforts to contribute to the local community and society for nearly 44 years, TTC is committed to promoting balanced economic development with the benefit of the society under the motto "For the community, for local development". At the same time, TTC continues its journey to affirm its brand, consolidate its position, and conquer the 5-year development strategy from 2021 to 2025 and the vision towards 2030.

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